Team Information

Team Rules - read before before creating a team

1) All team members must be registered before they can be added to a team roster

2) A runner can participate on only one team

3) Team Options


USATF Men's Open team 5 declare 3 score

USATF Women's Open team 5 declare 3 score

USATF Men's Masters Team 5 declare 3 score

USATF Women's Master Team 5 declare 3 score

Note: Masters teams - all members must be age 40 or older

Note: All teams must be official teams registered with USATF



Men's Age-graded team6 declare 4 score

Women's Age-graded team 6 declare 4 score

Note: Age-graded teams are scored using most current AG tables


Team Captains do not need to be registered participants to create teams.

Easy steps to create a team:

  1. Create a Captain Account by going here:
  2. Follow the prompts to create an account for your Organization/Club (i.e. the Parent Team Name)
  3. Create Competing Teams by adding individuals already registered for the event

* If you have any questions, contact for assistance.

Note: The deadline for submitting teams is second Thursday of November at noon